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DJ Jocky

Dj Jocky started out doing mobile discos in the 80s (yes we know he doesn’t look old enough).

He then gave up DJing for a ‘sensible career’ and lived in Glasgow before moving to Tenerife for a warmer climate in 2015. While living there he stumbled into doing a gig as a stand-in DJ that was meant to be for an hour but did 5 hours! Infected with the DJing bug again, and fast forward to 2020 and covid, saw Jocky return to Perth in Scotland and eventually to this great station, BHP Radio. ‘Cruising In The Eighties’ takes you for a blast back down memory lane!

So get your 80’s requests and shout-outs in for the all new ‘Cruising In The Eighties’ Show.