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Jack Lyons

Jack Lyons, ‘The Lights Out Show‘ Wednesdays 9pm GMT. He’s been talking rubbish for the last 28 years or near enough so it was a natural progression to end up wanting to be on the radio. Mic or no mic, chances are he’ll be carrying on but you might find yourself wondering “who the heck am I listening to?”
By day – Jack Lyons works at the BBC in sunny Salford working as an ‘Advanced Production Trainee’ in the children’s and education department.
He’s used kit he never thought he’d get near, met people who he thought he’d only ever see on a screen, helped out with behind the scenes promos for “Question Of Sport” and seen scripts go from an idea in his head to live TV – there’s worse ways to get paid!
Edinburgh TV society highlighted Jack as “one of the top 60 brightest newcomers to the industry” through their “The Network” scheme; he said he’d definitely been called worse.
To quote Jack, “Off the clock, I’m a beer drinking, beat dropping, 6 string strumming, leather-clad northern loudmouth who’s invariably loving life whether at the pub, the track, or anywhere where the music is loud or the tarmac is smooth.”
Jack presents ‘The Lights Out Show‘ Wednesdays at 9pm GMT.