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The Rust Bucket Show

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A Country show with a difference mixing Outlaw Country, Southern Rock, Americana and Bluegrass

With a love of Southern Rock and Alt-Country music, Steve and Sam bring you The Rust Bucket Show. A Country show with a difference, mixing Outlaw Country, Southern Rock, Americana and Bluegrass.

Steve Thomas-Green has been involved in music since the mid 90’s, mainly in the Metal scene however has been known to explore other genres. Sam, his significant other and co-producer of show has been a writer since 2005.

The Rust Bucket Show brings you the very best of alternative country music, closer to the edge, louder, more controversial and guaranteed to get your cowboy boots tapping like no other show!

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The Rust Bucket Show team

"Off the clock, I’m a beer drinking, beat dropping, 6 string strumming, leather-clad northern loudmouth who’s invariably loving life whether at the pub, the track, or anywhere where the music is loud or the tarmac is smooth."
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